List of Babcock’s most INFLUENTIAL and ENTERPRISING students

In no particular order though or maybe, what you think. The list of Babcock’s most INFLUENTIAL and ENTERPRISING student for 2012/2013 is here, this is probably tentative!!! Check it and agree or disagree!! This is to show that Babcock is not what people think it is, we have future FORBES list candidates here. And they are:

Mariam Animashaun

Zainab El Yakubu

Deborah Adeboyejo

Jordan Olanipekun

Thelma Briggs

Sasha Baker

Tipsy Araga



Akinola Odinlade

Ekaba Bissong

Anderson Azopo


Seyi Sodeinde

Ayomide Akinshilo (PATO)

Rotimi Ronaldo

Albert Nazzy

Seyi Suara




Ayotunde Fabamwo

Kalu Kalu


Dimeji Marshall


Emeka CMS TV

Moyin Adediran (PLUSH)

Bunmi Jesus


Ifeanyi Mba

DJ Twik

DJ Sleam

Bambi Adedoyin

Ife Akinlemibola

Fiyin Ola


Naomi BETH

Benjamin Ogbokiri

Tega Edefetah

Eyo Emmanuel

Adeolu Twisted

Mariam Animashaun – this is one of the most influential and enterprising ladies in the university, she is the founder of the vision group, in her 100level she was a writer for mix magazine and then moved to city people. She’s a leader to many girls and guys, right now she says she just wants to concentrate on school work and then ball out and take over, unto da next one

Zainab El Yakubu – she’s just too beautiful to start with and also very enterprising , she belongs to Student In Free Enterprise (SIFE) association. She also anchors events, a motivational speaker she’s a total package and trust me looking at her you’ll know she’s meant for the top. NEXT!!!!

Deborah Adeboyejo – Lagos state’s baby, she is a strong Christian and has won souls for Christ. She was the speaker of Lagos state youth parliarment and has advocated for the youths and less priviledged. A great motivational speaker. She has Gov. Fashola on speed dial!!!

Jordan Olanipekun – a young man who sees business in everything, he is a photographer, CEO, OAP at Hope FM, director at Afro control, which he runs with his father and also blogger, he loves connecting with people call it famzing and so far he is close friends with many celebrities and top individuals in the media, an occasional actor too earning a total of …….oya next one abeg.

Thelma Briggs – beautiful and proud rivers state babe, a dynamic mass communicator, shes a member of the vision group, a film director and producer who is aiming higher and doesn’t joke with her work or even her education. Big ups!!!!

Sasha Baker – the Liberian girl that came to Nigeria to blow and show other ladies how to make it anywhere, she’s a TV presenter that interviewed people like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on MTV base, she anchored a kid’s show called funzone, a commercial model, and a member of the vision group. She’s loaded.

Tipsy Araga- Babcock very own superstar artiste who has been thrilling crowds and realeasin hit singles like “my legs are shaking” and his most recent one “gbo Yoruba” the sky’s is the bigining for you brother.

Shayne – celebrity of life, he’s an artiste who tries to keep a very low profile but he’s dynamic and very talented in his music. He was on the ovation red carol theme song alongside Wizkid, Karate Kid, Tosin Martins, Chidinma and other stars like himself.

Davido – whether you like it or not he is a Babcock student and he is taking over the Nigerian music scene. Nuff said

Akinola Odinlade – a motivational speaker and he belongs to the impact and Elijah Leadership group, he’s a positive influence.

Ekaba Bissong – he is one of the ministers of God, a motivational speaker and he belongs to the impact and Elijah Leadership group and also the smartest computer student.

Anderson Azopo – he is the number one student of the university, why? Because he is the Babcock Univerisity Student Association’s president a.k.a BUSA President. – a motivational speaker.

D’Mayo – top celebrity photographer and one of Nigeria’s top photographers, real name Ayo Oluwagbewissa. He has motivated evry photographer within babcock and in Nigeria. Very passionate about his job and respected by all.

Seyi Sodeinde – a first class student who doesn’t end her work in the classroom, she helps other students and is a very encouraging motivator. She’s an OAP with Hope FM.

Ayomide Akinshilo (PATO) – OAP with Hope FM, and also very versatile in the business of broadcasting, he has worked hand in hand with top OAPs like Freeze of coolFM. Dynamic lad.

Rotimi Ronaldo – number ten of life, he is a sport personality and also his own sports show on HopeFM. He is also an actor and a dynamic broadcaster.

Albert Nazzy – the COO of the number one causal clothing line in babcock, he has got more than half of the university wearing his clothes, that’s influence.

Seyi Suara – the chief financial officer of twisted threads, the man in charge of the business side and money obviously and he is definitely doing very well for himself

TWIF – a designer that has carved his way through the world of fashion and he is killing most mortal designers with his designs

EVIK – when it comes to creativity and concept he takes the credit for it, a thriving fashion designer that has inspired others.

K CLOTHINGS – his outfits are red carpet materials, when I say red carpet I mean he should be showcased on E.

Ayotunde Fabamwo – The CEO of house of twitch and the producer of Ms Omolewa also responsible for the prestigious Mr. Ideal Nigeria. This is one of the biggest and best innovations in this coutry

Kalu Kalu (K-BOI) – the chief himself, the real events planner, doesn’t play with his money. He has held various offices in the university and he is known for putting together the best events ever.

Osatoure – current chief of the vision group, also a radio host and event compere. Known his huge sense of humour

Dimeji Marshall – Spuntaneous boss, he is responsible for getting students out of school for the weekend, he has organised the most creative partied and trust he is extremely enterprising.

Izzy – shout media’s own artiste, he has influenced other upcoming dudes to become talented, he is making waves in and outside the babcock.

Emeka CMS TV – the 21year old TV station owner, he run vertigo bar in elegushi he has his hands tied on so many business ventures, as an ibo boy, d ego must enta pocket!!!! Proud of you man

Moyin Adediran (PLUSH) – singer and poet, killing people with her wonderful voice and creative poems!!!

Bunmi Jesus – she motivates people with her powerful messages of Jesus Christ, songs and testimonies. She has come to spread the word of God to the world!!!

Seni (BASHORUN) – face of law, the most brilliant student from the faculty of law and security studies, his social life is also on point!!! He is an events compere too.

Ifeanyi Mba – the COO of Roc Images as an ibo boy he doesn’t dull when it comes to getting his job done!!

DJ Twik – shout media’s producer and DJ of life. He is one of the most talented producers ever. He is responsible fo Izzy’s hit songs.

DJ Sleam – if you are at a party and he is not on the wheels of steel, you have dulled yourself.

Joel Adu – infleunced by photography and he has decided to pursue his passion which is photography, he run Joel Adu Photography

Ife Akinlemibola – fine boy no pimples, top model, runner at the elite model look. He has done various fashion shows like elite, music meets runway and other top fashion shows in Nigeria.

Fiyin Ola – number one instrumentalist in BU, he teaches other young aspiring instrumentalists. People call him Scot Storch because of his skills especially on the keyboard.

Joy BETH – top model who has taught aspiring models how to be better runway models, she’s under BETH modelling agency which is the biggest modelling agency in Nigeria

Naomi BETH – sweet and tender model of life, she has graced the cover of Thisday style twice and she’s on her way to rolling with Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Benjamin Ogbokiri – number one socialite in babcock, there’s no red carpet event he hasn’t attended. He has developed his skills into interacting and being a good PR manager, there’s no celebrity he doesn’t know

Tega Edefetah – he is a modelling instructor and kingpin of fashion in BU

Eyo Emmanuel – event planner and compere responsible for big shows like Tuface and friends. An OAP with HopeFM too. Badoo!!!

Adeolu Twisted – CEO of twisted threads…nuff said. He got money!!!!

Roc Images



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11 Responses to List of Babcock’s most INFLUENTIAL and ENTERPRISING students

  1. TS says:

    Ope Olaore isn’t in Babcock again. There’s a fashion designer in Accounting Alajiki Olabamiji (Justin Kase). Then the peron that won most enterprising Tope Adeyi (TT Dalk rep Banking & Finance 400). Ademola Oni isn’t included. List is a bit biased or would I say Short sighted or narrow. Not enough 100level and 200level students and all the award winners from the Graduating class should be included.

  2. Samuel. says:

    What happened to Ademola Oni?

  3. Samuel. says:

    What happened to Ademola Oni in dis list?

  4. Sola says:

    why isn’t Nuhu and Oni Ademola in d list?

  5. Bola says:

    Is dis a Mass Comm Thing?? BIAS tho!!

  6. Uche says:

    I think this list is a bit biased…yes, certain people are meant to be there…but some others are coming from nowhere!…don’t know how all these Masscom people are influential apart from 1 or 2 mentioned…even certain information about them…wow..pls go back to the drawing table…thanks.

  7. tayo says:

    Good job bro. It’s not easy. 9s concept but there is room for improvement and changes. God bless.

  8. Wat abt TMA Collections…………………Ankara Bags,sandals, slippers and all

  9. Wat abt TMA Collections…………………Ankara Bags, Sandals, Slippers e.t.c. English dept.

  10. sandra says:

    Dis kachief guy (k clothins) is sooo gud.I uv his tradz. He is d most enterprisin in d G-class . We all luv KACHIEF.

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