a scene from broken silence

a scene from broken silence

Dear ROC IMAGES’S blog readers it has reached my notice that Royal Arts Academy which is a movie production outfit headed by Ace actor, Desmond Elliot and movie producer, Emem Isong seems to be one of the leading production outfits in movies these days. However it has been discovered that Royal Arts Academy has a nag for making overrated movies.
Let’s take a rundown at some of the movies made by the Royal Art Academy movies that were shown at cinemas nationwide.

The movie In The Cupboard which stars top nollywood heavy weight, Ini Edo, celebrity fashion icon, Uti Nwachukwu and fine boy top model, Alex Ekubo tops my list as one of the overated movies from the stable of Royal Arts Academy.
With the media buzz In the Cupboard got and how it was premiered in the other cities such as; New York, Texas and finally in Nigeria one would have expected that a movie that has been premiered in cinemas abroad would be of superior quality especially in terms of scripting, directing and role interpretation. The movie however did not leave up to the media hype it got prior to the release it got in Nigeria. The scripting to begin with looked like something drawn out of a Tyler Perry movie. It had a cliché story line of rich kids whose father dies and at the end of the day are all present at the end of the day the for the reading of his last will and testament. Forgive me because I can’t remember the names of the characters. Well as I was saying………..In the process secrets are discovered about the children. Also there is the issue poor sound quality in the scene where Alex Ekubo confronts Uti Nwachukwu about his credit cards being declined.
One of the many lapses of the movie is the fact there is so much unrealism portrayed in the movie. One is the scene were the family was gathered to have breakfast, please readers breakfast is a morning meal and I do not see how it is possible to have spring rolls, samosa, rice, salad, whole chicken etc just to mention a few since I cannot recall all they ate and after long deleting the movie after seeing it. Yes also with a bottle of champagne, who takes champagne in the morning not to talk of taking it as a supplement for breakfast.
Now talk about over reaction I know finding out about that the person who you believed was your father happens not to be your dad can be a big shocker and can be totally overwhelming. But Alex Ekubo‘s reaction towards the news was just overacted I believe. How he ran out of the house and went to kneel right in the middle of the road and screamed talk about being a drama queen.
Also there is one major flaw that got me wandering if this was actually a movie or a documentary as it is seen where the girl who was suppose to be recording the video was inside the video that was being recorded which balls down to one question, who was doing the actual recording . Also the fact that her mother who everyone believed was dead happened to wake up and everyone started laughing, if that was acted for the sole purpose of the documentary or not, we cannot say. Another unrealistic part of the movie is the fact that she aired her family‘s dirty linen in public all in the bid just to pass a school project. Seriously which sane person puts all her family‘s dirty deeds in the public and on camera again, totally unrealistic if you ask me.
There are lots of flaws that because of time I would not be able to touch right now but with what I have mentioned so far believe you me it is clear that “In The Cupboard” was an overrated movie.
On the plus side of things the movie however emphasises on strong family ties and how family always comes first no matter what. It also emphasises the point that family should be there for each other through thick and thin. Also in terms of picture quality, I must also commend them, not that they offer the best when it comes to picture quality of movies in Nigeria but you can say they are one of the best. Nice one Royal Arts Academy.

Broken silence is a collaborative effort of Uche Jumbo Studios and Royal Arts Academy that stars nollywood divas; Tonto Dikeh and Uche Jumbo and fast rising actor Uti Nwachukwu.
The movie Broken Silence was another anticipated flick from the stable of Royal Arts Academy. However this movie I must say has a very simple but good storyline that you do not get to see everyday especially in Nollywood that I must commend them for. It shows how a mother is devoted to getting her child back and how she disguises herself as a nanny in the bid to get close to her son.
However when it comes to role interpretation of the actors Uche Jumbo was not found wanting in playing the role of Dora the determined mother who was committed to getting her child. However the roles of Gerald a top business mogul played by Uti and Ella an actress played by Tonto Dikeh was certainly not the best role interpretation seen in a movie. The role of Gerald was rather over exaggerated which made the character appear more or less like a drama queen. With the various voice deflections in his voice which were not necessary made Sir Uti‘s performance not too much of a sight to see.
Tonto Dikeh‘s role, Ella was rather very funny as we one could not ascertain if her accent was either Nigerian, American or Togolese as she sounded completely funny throughout the movie. Sometimes it got bad that one could not actually make out what she was saying as she mumbled up her words. If only the accent was toned down a bit more it could have made for easier understanding.
However is this another overrated movie from the stable of Royal Arts Academy? Yes but it is not a bad movie in all as it has a good story line that one can relate to and is not the normal cliché story line we see every now and then in our normal Nollywood home videos.

By Eyo Emmanuel

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  1. Jaun†y™ says:

    I’m a big fan of Emem Isong, but if truth must be told, Emem Isong is not living up to expectation, ever since she came up with this her RAA she has produced so many craps in the name of movies, I can count the number of good movies she has release since the conception of RAA. One thing that is workin for her, is her past works, that was when Emem was really producin movies, I prefer her days wit ROB EMEKA EZE, those were fruitful years for her. She should stop using Desmond Elliot as her director, he should rather be an assistant director, he need to learn the basic rudiments involve in directing, cos he has ruined a couple of Emem isong’s movie.

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