You started getting comfortable with her, you started calling her more often and checking up on her. You became her friend. You noticed how pretty she was and how graceful her smile was, you started to enjoy her laughs more or her chats more? Is that cheating ? yes.

You started to talk to him more, to tell him a little more about yourself, you started to lean on his shoulders, he listened to you he showed you affection, is that cheating? Yes.

Many times we get to think that we have to sleep with the other person before we cheat, or kiss the person or fondle him or her, NO. Cheating starts in your mind, in your head in your sub-conscious before it transcends to the conscious. Guys,you would have noticed just how alluring her frame was, thought about her when you were alone, maybe even while you were with your girlfriend. Ladies, you probably would have already compared him to you boyfriend, he listens more to you, he cares about you, would have even talked late into the night with him. These things we do, we already are cheating. These stages happen before a peck is allowed, a hug is welcomed and we lay the foundation for our selfish desires to take form.

Yup!cheating is selfish and cruel. You are breaking the other person, you probably ruining somebody’s chance on happiness, in believing in love. We want love, we want to be happy, we want affection!everybody wants it too, have you ever for a minute just thought that maybe you are the key to somebody’s life, yeah its a lot of responsibilty! Life comes with its loads.

When you cheat, for what so ever reason….”he cheated first???!” yeah…thats sad but you are no better than he is. You think, “we’re even”. lol.

You will begin to feel insecure, angry, scared and alone. You’ll slowly start to dislike each other and then you will begin to just doubt yourself…which is pitiful and sad.

My point is, lets all just grow up, dont get into a relationship because he’s hot. She’s sexy. He’s loaded! She can cook!. Guys, think with your mind and not your peanuts! Ladies, paint a bigger picture for yourself. The days of finding the easy way out of every thing are long gone. Its time to take responsibility for a lot of things we are doing or have done.

If you have cheated, say SORRY!!! It wont change or fix it, but it closes the chapter, everybody’s given a new start, alone or still together. If you are cheating STOP!

*sigh… life always pays us back, now or later, one way or the other.

By Plush

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