“Love Is Never Enough.”

Relationships have downward spiralled in the past few years. Everybody wants to be loved, but nobody wants to love the other. we all want the easy way out. In our attempts at guarding our hearts dearly, we loose out on life itself, but how can you give what you don’t have, how can you have it without learning, how can you learn without living it?.

My best friend told me, “child, if loving breaks you at any point in time, pick your broken heart up the curb and move on”….my friend, he’s old and bald sooo… ϑ.

Boy meet girl, they fall in love and butterflies fly away into happily ever after……*sigh. That’s stage one. What happens when you get bored after two or three months? You break up and start all over again? I have always wondered how two people could have stayed together for 20 years,30 years.. that shii craaaay!!! But its beautiful and adorable. funny enough, It wasn’t love that kept them standing, yeah love was a big part, but then, understanding, faith in themselves, in what they had built, trust, patience, respect. That’s what kept them. They are human! They got tired, they got bored.. Everytime they hit a dead end or a brick wall, these were the things they used to break and block these barriers. They got their groove back on..rekindled the fire.. year after year. So understand my annoyance when someone gets bored after 6weeks of a relationship.

It’s not a marriage seminar I know, but a relationship is a very basic aspect of life, which should be taken seriously, if you are not in it for the long haul. Then don’t continue reading.

You are in love, heck i am so in love. ϑ lets be real and honest. Love will only take us so far. Our generation, we need guys who will be patient as a father, understanding like a brother and caring like a friend. A girl who will be respectful, who will speak life into her man, who will encourage him and when nobody else is there, will be the only person he can rely on. Ladies who will respect the guy as the head, guys who are smart enough to know that the lady is the partner in this deal.

Loving is a choice. You choose to love, be noble and true about it. its never easy to love anyone, that’s why we have patience, trust, respect. You choose to love them because you trust them above everybody else, you respect them in front of your friends. Your patient with them even when you are tested. This is how love gets to be enough for everyone around us.

When we loose sight and focus of these three important things, love then is never really enough.

By Plush

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