Xclusive: D’Mayo Speaks On Taking Nudes And Being Professional



This interviewer decided to chat up on of the leading photographers in Nigeria to discuss his journey and art

RIB: Let’s meet you sir
DM: My names are Olugbewesa Ayodimeji Chukwuma. My Photography Brand is D’mayo Oh and I’m a Photographer

RIB: Your educational background.
DM: Well i attended Several schools tho, i was quite a troublesome child My nursery and primary at Niger Pre-age and Eduland respectively My Secondary at Dee-Unique, Model College Meiran, and Doregos and Christ The King International School Currently studying accounting at Babcock University

RIB: So when did you start photography?
DM: Well i’d like to think since i was a kid. My grandfather was then the President of the Association of Photographer’s Lagos Chapter before his death in 1996. So my dad had the photo colour printing lab after his death. And the manager of the lab usually bought me small film cameras id shoot personal stuff and events i attended and print for free

RIB: So I guess you learnt most of it from him
DM: No i was young when he died. I didn’t learn from him . I am a self taught photographer

RIB: So its like its in the blood
DM: Possibly, I actually stopped using the camera when i left Doregos, I guess because of camera phones

RIB: So when did u officially start as Dmayo
DM: In 2010, But i had been using it since 2004

RIB: How has it been since den?
DM: Well it’s been a story of starting small and getting bigger with time, It’s been tough and great, I have been able to survive in the industry with the help of various people who have contributed with their support and advice

RIB: And who are these people?
DM: Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Obi Somto, August Udoh, Richard Bamidele-Eko, Seun Akisanmi, Shola Animashaun and others i can’t remember now, Oh Orbit Imagry too

RIB: Did u think photography was goin to have this much reputation it has now
DM: Yes, of course

RIB: Do u see urself ever practicing as an accountant in few years from now
DM: No I don’t, I saw myself as a computer science person. I am skilled in desktop troubleshooting Am also a Microsoft Certified Professional, But I haven’t continued my upgrads cuz of my photography, I never saw myself doing the 8-5pm jobs

RIB: So you’ll retire a photographer
DM: Can you retire from Passion and Art?

RIB: You also take nudes as photographer, how do you handle it as a man?
DM: Firstly you have to involve professionalism. It’s true that am a man before being a photographer. But we have the power to control ourselves. Thing is i turn off John and let my artistic side get the better part of me, I also make the model as comfortable as possible, cuz if they ain’t it will show in the image. Though most people see nude as Explicit, But i do it to focus on the grace and beauty of the male and female form itself

RIB: Do you have role models? and if yes who are they?
DM: Yes i have, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Jill Greenberg, Peter Hurley and Annie Leibovitz, Rembrandt, Platon and Jeremy Cowart

RIB: When you are not working what do you do? How do you relax?
DM: Reading a photography book, or article, thinking of my next personal project to keep my creativity alive and sharp, chat with my soul mate and friends, watch Nat Geo Wild, have a date and watch movies among others. Anything so far I don’t get bored.

RIB: Are you in a relationship?
DM: Yes I am

RIB: What are the challenges you face as a photographer?
DM: Well clients who have no idea what they want, people who don’t appreciate Photography, equipment costs cuz photography equipment are quite expensive and other photographers who don’t know there worth and charge shabbily.

RIB: Let’s know her?
DM: Well she is tall, pretty, smart and she has the take home to mama qualities.

RIB: Are you currently mentoring other photographers? And who are they?
DM: Well i won’t like to call it mentoring cuz i still have a whole lot to learn. I have people who i have taught what i know

RIB: Like?
DM: Dola, Joel, Dami and others I can’t remember, I don’t keep these on my head now I fill my brain up with usable knowledge that can be transferred to another, that’s more important to me

RIB: Any words for people that aspire to be big photographers like you?
DM: Big ke. I haven’t gotten there yet. Well my advice is if you wanna be the best, do your research and practice. And also keep your passion burning by been creative. And never forget God

RIB: Do you have a blog or a website?
DM: I have a blog where i usually post my recent works. Though of last i have been too busy to update it but i will soon. It is iamdmayo.tumblr.com

RIB: Thank you sir, it was great speaking with you.
DM: Same here

Below are some of his works

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