When It Comes To My Body Fitness And My figure, Its Kim Kardashian –Uzezi Agboge

Uzezi Agboge

Uzezi Agboge

A little chit-chat with the Manager of Unique cakes and pastries, Uzezi Agboge, this reporter feels that someone in her final year who is a fully established baker should be considered as enterprising, research has been able to find out that the reason graduates don’t have jobs in Nigeria is that they have been unable to discover that potential, but Uzezi is fast climbing the ladder of success and hopefully she will graduate as a millionaire.

RIB: Let us meet you
UA: I’m Uzezi Agboge. I’m a 400level student of mass communication in Babcock University.

RIB: What are your hobbies?
UA͂: I love baking and cooking, I also love watching movies, taking pictures and playing. I love reading books and I would love to write one before I die.

RIB: So what inspired your catering practices
UA͂: I was born into catering. My mom is a caterer and she has been a lot of inspiration. Buddy Valastro the Cake boss is also a very big inspiration for me.

RIB: So how much do you make in a week
UA͂: We don’t do cakes weekly, its not my mom’s full time job so she does it as it comes.

RIB: So what’s the price of your biggest cake?
UA͂: I can’t say d biggest, because pple dnt order for 20 inches much. 14 inches is the biggest people order for and it is N10,000

RIB: Do you consider yourself enterprising as a student
UA͂: Yes, I try my best.

RIB: What are your plans after university
UA͂: I want to get my masters done first then God willing, when I get enough money I’ll become a full time caterer with a beautiful confectionery shop before I expand later.

RIB: What are you future plans, talking about expanding
UA͂: Okay, I intend to add a Sophisticated Restaurant as soon as the cake business stands and then a God willing, a Hotel.

RIB: It is obvious your mass communication degree is going to be in a shelf
UA͂: (laughs) I hope not, if I can manage a magazine, then I would. It all depends on God’s grace because I would put all the effort needed to pursue my dreams. His grace is what would make those efforts count. But catering is the number one thing on my mind

RIB: What’s your position in your family
UA͂: I am the first child amongst three

RIB: So you are a role model to them, yeah?
UA͂: I try my best to be. I stay out of trouble at least and I put in my best in school.

RIB: Who are your role models?
UA͂: I have role models for different things. In terms of ambition, its my mom and Buddy Valastro

RIB: Okay???
UA͂: You want more?

RIB: Yeah
UA͂: Okay. When it comes to my body fitness and my figure, its Kim kardashian. That’s all I want you to know.

RIB: Chei!!
UA͂: (laughs)

RIB: Rumour has it that you made over a 100K during the last valentine season, what do you have to say about it
UA͂: (laughs), can I make no comment about that?

RIB: Say something please
RIB: Or don’t worry
UA͂: Okay, but then its more about what is gained when the expenses are removed, not the initial money collected.

RIB: Any advice for young people like yourself
UA͂: I would say keep track of your numerous dreams and capitalise on what you know u are passionate about.

RIB: So are you just an apprentice or what?
UA: No, I co-manage Unique cakes and pastries

RIB: Saw your cakes and you are really good
UA: Thank you, my mom is way better

RIB: Your contact details
UA:We are located at Mid western shopping complex, golf road, lakowe phase 2, Lekki-Epe expressway Lagos state. 08063085249, 08038491004

RIB: Have you ever checked rocimages’s blog before?
UA͂: Yes

See the cakes below, she’s a genius

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4 Responses to When It Comes To My Body Fitness And My figure, Its Kim Kardashian –Uzezi Agboge

  1. Chinazom says:

    The cakes are lovely…ure quite an inspiration dear. 🙂

  2. Most Enterprising Students of the Year Babcock university Uzezi Agboge! keep it up …. God bless you …love from ur 1 and only OriginalBabe

  3. layomilois says:

    Splendid!! U will definitely go on well. I concur wit zainabu original babbe. Much love!

  4. Patrick RDP DESIGNZ says:

    Wooow, This is very very wonderful, keep it up

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