Reply To “I am the best rapper in Nigeria” – Yung 6ix declares on Twitter (Yung6ix diss by Rap freak)

Saw something on Linda Ikeji’s Blog and I had to beg ROCIMAGES to post this for me.
How can this talentless unfortunate artiste open his tortoise mouth abi type with his not manicured fingers to declare he is the best rapper in Nigeria, to be clear this dude doesn’t know anything about the hip hop culture.

How many rap battles with rap heads have you won?

You claim to be the best with wack lines like the following

1. Lasgidi traffic I told her hold up
2. Blood group AA, handset BB
3. They say I too dey form but they need a pencil to fill me
4. I can change your parade I aint talking about Lynx
5. I can open and close bars I aint talking about drinks
6. I still shine in the dark so all the do is look like the chapter after Mark

For goodness’ sake these are the kind of people that make rap look trashed up in Nigeria, with dumb lines like this, Phenom I’m coming to you soon o. Mode9 is the best rapper in Nigeria but the worst musician, M.I can wear that crown because he makes good music and gives good lines but sometimes M.I sef dey yarn rubbish.

Back to this boy that still jumps okada, before you can declare yourself as the best rapper/MC you must have crossed some bridges but from the look of things you don’t even know the location to that bridge.

Yung6ix you are an outright failure in the Nigerian music industry, okay? Get a job, go for an internship or go back to school and get a degree and a masters like Naeto-C.
Olodo, long mouth like chimpanzee wey congi dey catch wey no fit find him bearing.

Yung6ix your name is even messed up, what the point of the “ix” when you already got “6”

Its better to be a fool than allow your trash talk brainwash Nigerians.

No hard feelings but this is from a true rap fan, listen to people like Jay Z, Rakim, Ashiru, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Nas and some other greats, wait!!! No point because you will never understand their lyrics or decode their metaphors and wordplay. #okbye


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