J. Claymore Releases Lyrics To Yung6ix Diss Called Behind Enemy Lines

J. Claymore

J. Claymore

Underground rapper, J. Claymore has decided to release the lyrics to a diss song also a reply to Yung6ix for his claim as the best rapper in Nigeria, he is bringing the lyrics out because he believes this is hardcore and its better people read also and digest it before listening to the song.

Here are the lyrics below:

Yo I’m not a judge cuz a judge don’t excite the feds’
but I’m gon ghost box the whole squad of jaz chains on kids’
a clueless rapper with nothing to account but hype’
don’t be a dolo poet’ you def gon’ dodge this battle’
numerate how many stabs you’re linked to that’s a discount homie’
Clip 4’5’s aiming at you when your dome in rest’
We both aim’ but there’s arc’ grades to this grip’
I glock sixes’ we cross armed on monoclip’
got all 4 limbs’ minus degrees when his feet warm’
Couldn’t blame your label’ you were just hiding in the storm’
360 on the wrong scale’ I adjust your thought axis’
Cham’ on my breath’ let’s not bin the truth’
I’m high on the lust to shed his skin’
expose rappers’ twist em off the system’ kriss kross em’
You wouldn’t be hot without wizkid’ he’s the stove’ you’re the omelette
I’m the chef’ quentin a recipe for your disaster’
splitting the herb all tumbled off a forest in namibia’ ghetto stapled’
I’m all that counting how many G’s I clocked’
splatter out verbs’ till you got meta-phobia’
a fake n**** your heart beat go tick and pow
You’s a funny n****’ you’re the best how?
I split yung6ix in two now that’s what the **** I call jokes apart’
get a hotel’ get a full satchel’ a pound of coca’
don’t go out booking s*** you can’t afford’
don’t dip your whole life in losses’ can you afford to lose?
when your twitter groupies calling’ don’t cast down your armour’
I’m watching from 6’o’clock’ how can I expect a dope album’
I mean n**** still raps like he got his bars out queen premier’
now that’s the crown you deserve’
I serve the fact phenom took your spot and that shot you in the nerve’
Blood group aa? handset bb?
Is that a metaphor? you don’t even know the a,b and c’s of rap
see there’s levels to this s*** ask kendrick.
Since you’re trying to pull his stunt over again,
n**** get your own brain
get your own crib’
and your pocket got no lump if you still live in a flat’
King off the south my a**? you get cross checked and crucified
hung off a nail by your own bars’ in your own words and I quote’
“I still shine in the dark,
so all they do is look like the chapter after mark”
Oh you’re a preacher now’
I’m boutta administer the end of your chapter’
his name gets brought up and n***** feel like they got amnesia’

Copyright (C) J. Claymore 2013

Ffl @j_claymore on twitter

This dude is lyrically strong no doubt about that.
Well, that’s the lyrics J. Claymore gave us, now rocimages’s universe its up to you to judge by leaving a comment


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8 Responses to J. Claymore Releases Lyrics To Yung6ix Diss Called Behind Enemy Lines

  1. Jay Bee says:

    What is the morale of all the story now?

  2. Jay Bee says:

    What are you trying to say sir? Can’t pick anything from this your rap o.

    • jboytha_raphead says:

      I think he’s right yung6ix is not d best…@jaybee it’s not ur fault u don’t understand rap….nobody will dum it down here…

      • funmi_links says:

        Lol true tho….yung6ix punchlines are dum and nigerians don’t know rap

      • funmi_links says:

        @jaybee u don’t expect him to start explaining rap lyrics…use ur commpn sense,if u don’t have rap IQ get outta here u don’t belong :)….I think he’s right yung6ix is whack

  3. youngwhizzy says:

    Shits! JayB’s jux tryna adopt fame by all means..ds mu4k* must hv paid yung6 wit d lil paper he has 4 ds.shits i culdnt beliv dat a faggot lyk ds hoe cn com out 4 a ryd.shits,pray u dnt mit me,am yungwhizzy comin 4rm O42BLOCK at EASTCOAST.

  4. anonymous says:

    nice lyrics but dis kind of lyrics won’t sell in naija. . I like dat jokes apart line tho

  5. richard aka richywizzy says:

    nice rap i luv it add more to it

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