Happy Birthday Jordan Plus Exclusive Up Close & Personal Interview: Speaks On Thinking Forbes, Relationship, Business Challenges, Linda Ikeji, Family, All He wants For His Birthday And Makes Shout Outs To Friends

Jordan Eniola Ola

Jordan Eniola Ola

Today is Jordan’s birthday so I thought I should let us get up close and personal with him. He created this blog and has about four of us that blog along with him since we don’t have anything to do. So my humble self, Fummie and my girl, Sandra had this long talk with Jordan few days to his birthday. I asked the questions though, more of conversation, we just talked and came up with this interview, he didn’t want this initially but myself and Sandra insisted. Read, enjoy and comment.

FS: Let’s know who the boss really is? Your background and everything.
JO: I’m Jordan Olanipekun, some of my friends call me CEO my grown up pips call me Eniola though. I prefer my first name, Jordan. Born in kaduna, left during the crisis never went back except for holidays. I’m a strong christian I don’t joke with that, my parents are the Senior pastors of my church, Christhouse International Christian Center, studied mass communication in babcock university, I’m a photographer I own this blog (laughs) which I’m getting interviewed on.

FS: No nicknames?
JO: Oh there’s Uncle Jay, Big Teddy, a friend of mine, Lolade used to call me that before I heard of one other Big Teddy in Babcock, so I dropped it, then some people who found out that I’m the head of Roc Images started calling me D’Roc, then J. Jordan, Sanya calls me that.

FS: Okay?
JO: Finish na, how many nicknames I won get.

FS: You know our traffic has really moved up since that story, you know na?
JO: yeah I remember that story that I accused Linda Ikeji of taking without citing.

FS: Yeah, how did that go? You spoke to her, yeah?
JO: Just chatted with her on twitter about not citing this blog and we resolved, she said some nice things and I was cool with her.

FS: So how did you increase the traffic from your end?
JO: Anytime something is posted it appears on my twitter timeline and facebook timeline too, I also bug my bbm contacts with broadcast messages, some of them complain, even the ones I’ve done favours for by posting probably their birthdays or premature interviews with them, and its saddening but they are human beings, what can I do? I’m not going to stop anyway.

FS: You know your readers, am I right?
JO: Oh yes! I know them very well, I monitor everything especially since both of you decided to help me with it.

FS: I’ve known you as someone who has always wanted to stay on top especially as a business man, why is this so?
JO: I guess its because of my background, my dad has always been a boss and so has my mum and I’ve never seen my dad or my mum reporting to any oga or anything like that, I also get motivated by business moguls so I guess that’s the reason why you see me that way, I’m actually shocked at this though because and you never said it.

FS: Its not everything I say now.
JO: Yeah, right

FS: Some months ago before I started working with you, your name was in a list of babcock’s most influential students, which of course you included yourself, why did you do so?
JO: Well, I conducted a poll via bbm, twitter and facebook to ask for names, I actually knew I should probably be on that list but since I own the site which it was going to be on then why should I? But some people said I should go ahead and include my name, but I thought to myslef that if Steve Forbes becomes a billionaire his own name will be on the Forbes list, so I decided to include my name, I know it pissed people off but, what can I do?

FS: Aside photography and blogging what else do you do?
JO: I work with AfroControl and Intermedia communications, an adevertising firm where we make calenders, consult for companies and do so many other stuff.

FS: I know you like making contacts, how many famous people or celebs do you know?
JO: Abeg o, I don’t know anybody o (laughs) I’m a celeb myself na, just kidding. But I’m not telling

FS: Its obvious that you are too busy with work and your photography.
JO: I’m not busy at all o, I even need another job maybe at m-net or one media outfit a radio station, although I’m involved in campus radio. I need one job where I can at least answer yes sir to a stranger

FS: Where did you have your internship?
JO: It was at PM news’ sport desk I was mentored by Bamidele Olowosagba, the sports editor, Mr Tunde and Bobby, great experience though

FS: I remember you made noise about acting one time
JO: Ehn na, I’ve always wanted to be a movie or a tv star, I did some waka pass with Tinsel back in 09 belonged to the best drama group called BULAS back in babcock university, I’ve gone for auditions though, I tire sef but I’m not giving up sha.

FS: What is your everyday life like?
JO: I don’t do the same things everyday na, maybe working on photos, that’s something I do everyday.

FS: Who are your role models?
JO: Jesus Christ is my number one role model, my parents because they are awesome. Okay, Aliko Dangote, Amanpour and Isha Sesay of CNN, Tyler Perry, Frank Edoho is just like the James Bond of broadcasting, Uti Nwachukwu because of his versatility and fashion sense. Baba Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome they are many, I’m not calling them role models but they are almost my definition of a role model.

FS: What are your future ambitions?
JO: I want to be highly influential, become the president of Nigeria (laughs) God willing and you know, to be on forbes richest list

FS: That reminds me, why do you want to be on forbes list?
JO: Firstly, to be there I’ve got to be a billionaire, I want to be a billionaire because I hate poverty, God wants us to be rich so why settle for less when I can be there, I’m not after the comfortable life when there are people also because of my hatred for poverty, I want to eradicate poverty around me, by God’s grace I will be there.

FS: What’s your perception on unemployment in Nigeria?
JO: Well, the youths keep blaming the government but the actual truth is that the youths should be blamed, let me tell you something, when you as a person is surrounded with circumstances ideas begin to flow that’s why most of the richest people we have today have stories about circumstances that surrounded them while growing up, the youth of today should come out and be enterprising enough, think deep or else your idle brain will be the devil’s playground, we see it already today.

FS: Let’s get a bit personal.
JO: Okay shoot

FS: Some people like a few of your friends said to me that you are proud, I know you but I’ve not seen that side really, except the bossy side, so what’s this about?
JO: Honestly I don’t really know, I believe people may hate my guts, my courage and attitude to life, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion my own is to be a better person and move on with life, and maybe the fact that I don’t joke when it comes to getting things done, if its not done right its not done at all.

FS: As a photographer, how the business going for you and challenges
JO: Well, its alright I thank God, I do mainly events. The challenges are pretty serious, where you have people sending you pictures to edit for them like you are less busy, that’s how I started the business anyway, by editing for people who supported me back then like Lolade, Sanya, Juwon and many other lovely friends I can never throw away. Another challenge is familiarity someone doesn’t want to pay the right amount for a job, I don’t even do free photography for my mum talk less of other people, these are the things people don’t understand, that is why Nigeria is like this, mixing business with familiarity. In the United States, family or no family when it comes to business there is no relative, look at this scenario, because my brother is a banker does that mean he will withdraw money from another account for me? So that’s just a few of the challenges I personally face.

FS: Who are the photographers you admire?
JO: I’ve got D’Mayo, Joel Adu is getting there with speed, I just met Nicole she’s Valeo photography and she’s got some really nice concepts digging her work and with time she’ll be everywhere, Kelechi Amadi, Obi Somto, who I tried my best to link up with but didn’t work, AWGZ, Clement. O, Reze Bona, I met him once at elite 2012 and Lakin and the first lady herself, TY Bello and Yetunde Babaeko, she’s amazing, she and her creative husband, Steve, I don’t know how they do it.

FS: In babcock there are many photographers, what do you think about them?
JO: I know D’mayo, Joel Adu, Wash Images, Moonwalk but not everybody is really up there we are all trying to be better than D’mayo, that guy is a genius mehn, aside him, Joel Adu is the no1 photographer in babcock uni.

FS: Are you in a relationship?
JO: Oh yes with the Lord Jesus

FS: You are a year older today, obviously been an adult for some years, do you have any lady in mind?
JO: Well, I don’t want to say one thing that might affect me in future so I will just say I’m in a good relationship and that’s it.

FS: Who is she?
JO: Just forget it babe, not talking about it.

FS: So what’s your wardrobe or fashion style like?
JO: Its scattered o, just suits, I love wearing suits and blazers anywhere with solid shoes, my dad dresses so good and I’m trying to catch up. So its suits for me. I love Re Ferdinando shirts, Fadfine shoes, gucci guilty and versace perfumes, I like, but I’m not materialistic, I wear good stuff.

FS: So how do you relax?
JO: I listen to music I’m a fan of solid music, and gospel music really has that stronghold on me

FS: Who are your favourite artistes?
JO: Israel and the New Breed, J.Moss, Darwin Hobbs, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Wale Adenuga and Fountain of praise, Panam Percy Paul, Ayoola, Ed Sheeran, The Carpenters, Boney M they are many abeg

FS: What do you think about the government of Nigeria and the President?
JO: I believe he is doing his best, governing a country like Nigeria is not beans, this should be about the most difficult because of what Nigeria has lost in the past, we should keep praying for Mr. President and Nigeria, when I say his best, I mean “his” best.

FS: Tell me about your sibllings
JO: Would have said its private but they made themselves public, my immediate younger sister is a top model, Victory Ola, at a point was the richest in the house she’s a medical student (laughs) my brother Oluwanifise aka J. Claymore is an upcoming rap artiste, they are both in school, then we have a baby in the house who is the madam also.

FS: What do you want for your birthday?
JO: I’ve been getting myself birthday gifts in the past few years this time I want a Nikon D7000

FS: What have you gotten for yourself over the past few years?
JO: I’ve been getting myself new phones, that what I give myself, apart from the laptop I got in 09 from my dad, my last gift was a toy gun from a church member many years ago maybe I’ll get a real one if I don’t get a gift, I’m just kidding.

FS: Any message to your friends?
JO: Be enterprising or learn to support the enterprising, not everybody is called to be a leader if you cannot lead, you follow. Don’t stay idle.

FS: I want to be like you
JO: Oh puh-lease!! Be yourself and discover yourself.

FS: Make some shout outs
JO: Shout out to my ex-coursemates, my bbm peeps, ChristHouse Intl Christian Centre, Mass comm students of Babcock, the entire ROC IMAGES, my family, my cousins, my uncles and aunts, my parents you all are “PRECIOUS” love you. To be honest I can’t mention everybody.

Fummie: Well that’s it basically, Happy Birthday to a wonderful annoying, hard to say he’s my personal oga at the top, God loves you Jordan, I love you also (love of Christ o).

Sandra: I always say why didn’t I know you long before now, I love the way you carry yourself and I know its because there’s a God in you. Happy birthday Uncle Jay.

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