Mariam Animashaun, Dolapo Adesanya, Christina Olusile And Moyin Adediran Speak To Youths To Move On Despite Nigeria’s Problems And How Nigeria Can Move Forward

Here are just personal views and opinions

The man-made catastrophe, epitomise all the negative effects and conditions which Nigeria has found itself since the amalgamation of the north and south into a single nation known as Nigeria. It is a well know fact that the combination of diverse ethnic nationalities into a single nation state called Nigeria without a ground work on formation of a unitary nation posed one of the daunting challenges of modern day Nigeria”
Despite all this ground work mistake,Nigeria can be described as a university student with 53 years of extra years ,with no improvement ,instead the courses she had passed in the past ,now she’s falling woefully!
My sincere condolences to those families that lost someone today from the plane crash.
It has become a recurring decimal of plane crashes . Some of these airlines operators operate with genuine licenses but use old aircraft to convey their passengers . .Most of these airlines which both Nigerians and foreigners are operating in our local and international airports are old compared to foreign ones. In the developed and developing countries plane mishaps have some limitation unlike in Nigeria where is now a music of the day. Deaths recorded in air crashes are more than any form of transportation in the world.
Some time ago I read an article,in which Wole Soyinka said, “Nigeria is in a war situation and the entire population of Nigeria must consider itself as being in a war situation and that means the Boko Haram phenomenon should not be regarded as been limited to the Northern region alone or Borno and Yobe states”
When I saw this I was like naaaaah ,Boko Haram is just a phase and since Nigeria has the strongest military men on land in west Africa they would be stopped very soon.
And yes ,its past months now ,and they have still not stopped ,the question on the lips of all at the moment is that “would they move to the west ”
Let me let you think about that as we move on …
Is it the epileptic power situation or noooooooo is it the disgraceful governmental system and its escalating level of instability or the fact that the economy of the nation is in debt As a youth in her early twenties,all this are the things that scare me the most!
Where is the foundation for me to perfect my creative self and contribute to the society!
They say nigeria is poor ,but no ,I think we have a disease !called the Mind Poverty syndrome !yes poor at heart you can say!
The next election is fast approaching ,the drug to cure this disease she has is in our hands!
Are you going to make the right choice or would the disease become an epidemic and kill us all like cholera!
The ball, you can find it in your court -MARIAM ANIMASHAUN

Well, Nigeria has a lot of issues and one of its problems are leadership and coordination. And if the youths decide to complain and focus on the problems instead of looking for how to better themselves as individuals, when this present youths become leaders its going to be d same circle of trouble for Nigeria -MOYIN ADEDIRAN

Its obvious Nigeria – our law makers have failed to place priority on ds sector by duly pursuing d proper planning and implementation of policies targeted at this sector, still on the educational sector
Now there’s a trend observable over the years, the world economic powers rank high in terms of academic standard
It is therefore not out of place to conclude that a correlation exists between the academic standard and economic strength of a nation
This correlation can be further explained based on d irreplaceable role of intellectual capacity in form of manpower aiming to build an economically sufficient nation, my point is a Nigeria that seeks to be an economic force to reckon with must be committed to investing in its human capital, for example, the machines we import could have been designed and constructed in this country if the brains that would make that invention had access sufficient facilities during their education to raise their intellectual capacity to the level of inventors and not merely maintaining of inventions. Basically ASUU is fighting for a good cause, but unfortunately when elephants battle, its d grasses dat suffer, and that’s from whence the strike emanates
Ds strike could give way to positive changes in the educational sector considering the stiff-necked insistence of ASUU after d good of lecturers and students alike and in turn a better Nigeria as a whole.
Adequate considerations should therefore be made by the government in this light not just for the strike to end but for better days 2 begin. To the youth, there’s a reason why we are nigerians and not from another country, Its because each of us have something Nigeria needs to be a better nation. So whatever your hand finds doing… well -CHRISTINA OLUSILE

To me Nigeria has reached a stage whr we can no longer manage ourselves as a nation. People keep saying Nigeria is going to get better but whenever I listen to news and hear how much people in the so called big cities suffer not to even mention rural areas, I just kip having d thought that Nigeria is not getting better anytime soon. It is very understandable dat people are trying to keep fate in this nation and be patriotic but its time 4 us to let go of dis dream nd look 4 ways forward. The one solution I’ve thought of to improve the situation of things in Nigeria is to erase Nigeria as a nation. Nigeria should divide according to regions nd ethnicity, nd each part of th division should become a nation on their own and handle their problems themselves. -DOLAPO ADESANYA

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One Response to Mariam Animashaun, Dolapo Adesanya, Christina Olusile And Moyin Adediran Speak To Youths To Move On Despite Nigeria’s Problems And How Nigeria Can Move Forward

  1. Dapo says:

    Wait! Pause! Chillll! @Dolapo The ‘one’ solution you have thought of is to erase Nigeria as a nation and it should be divided?? Are you for real?? Lmaoo!! Smh! Irmc!

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